Popular Mongolian Sports

In the vast steppes of Mongolia, where nomadic culture and Mongolian yurts has thrived for centuries, sports are deeply woven into the very fabric of society. From the thundering hooves of racehorses to the grappling prowess of wrestlers, Mongolia’s national sports have stood the test of time, captivating generations with their rich history and spectacle. […]

Volunteer and Work Opportunities in Mongolia

In today’s fast-paced global job market, professionals are constantly seeking new and exciting work opportunities in diverse locations. Mongolia, with its unique blend of tradition and modernity, is emerging as a promising destination for those in search of fresh career prospects. In this article, we’ll delve into the rich landscape of work opportunities in Mongolia, […]

Is Chess in Mongolia Popular?

Chess in Mongolia has a long history and has been a popular sport on both a competitive and casual level for many years. Although many don’t immediately think of Mongolia, when they think of chess, they really should. We have a strong chess culture that still persists to this day and has proven ourselves in […]

Why are Koreans so good at chess/video games?

When you look at the leaderboards of some of the world’s top players, whether it is for chess or any other game categories, you will find at least one Korean in the top. There are many reasons why Koreans are considered to be some of the best chess and video game players in the world. […]

What is Buying an Apartment Like in Mongolia

Buying an apartment is a big decision. Wherever you buy an apartment, it is crucial that you do some research beforehand. Mongolia is a place with quite a big land area and few populations. Most of the provinces and cities are underdeveloped except the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. Ulaanbaatar is the most populated city in Mongolia […]

Mongolian Yurt Decoration

If you have not visited Mongolia, then you should start making your plans to visit the eternal land of the blue Sky some day. Mongolia is one of the countries that have the most amount of sun with untouched pristine nature in most parts of the country. During your travels and journey here, you are […]

Make 2021 a Year to Travel to Mongolia

Mongolia is currently on lockdown, but once the borders open up, it should be the year to travel the land of the blue sky. There are plenty of beautiful sights to see and explore and it will be a memory of a life time. We at Mongol Chess run not only a chess training championship, […]

History of Chess

Origin of the game The chess game emerges towards the end of the sixth century as Tschaturanga in Sanskrit literature. It was only relatively recently confirmed during excavations in Afrasiab that both parties had chariots, elephants, riders and foot soldiers at their disposal when seven chess pieces were brought to light there. The game was […]