Age: 6-11

Class for elementary school children

Age: 12-16

Class for high school children.


Class for adults

Our Philosophy

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Brief Story


is formed


Organized Chess week through Chingeltei district


Held first open tournament at Ikh-Mongol sport complex


Launched 3 different ages classes


Organize weekly chess meetups


Class for elementary school children

Age : 6-11

Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Class time schedule: Mon/Wed/Fri at 17:00

Class for elementary school children who are willing to learn chess and patience.

Class for high school children

Age: 12-16

Levels: Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced

Class time schedule: Tue/Th/Sun/ at 15:00

Class for high school children who want to develop their chess skill and open to whoever age 12 to 16.

Class for adults

Age: 18+

Class time schedule: Mon/Wed/Fri at 19:00

Class for adults who want to learn from the beginner level and its open for others who want to develop your chess ability.



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Our Philosophy

No limitation to learn chess:

There is no age limitation and gender restriction to play this game. Chess is not distinguish as your social position, gender and age. Chess is welcome for people whoever want to develop themselves. Today in our class different ages of people from 6 to 56.

Chess is mind workout:

In technology-highly-developing century human being lost its patience and concentration and become lazy. Practicing as chess you can prevent yourself from this upcoming danger. Chess is proven sport, which expand your thinking range limitless.

Chess is worldwide:

Chess became worldwide sport. Everyday somewhere of the world a lot of tournaments are being organized. Chess sets good characteristics in people such intelligence, humility, patience, and critical thinking.

Intangible heritage: 

Chess contains world history within itself. Mongolian ancestors play ankle bones and chess during 13th century maybe even before that time. Therefore, chess is our national value and we have to pass down this ability generation to generation. And it is our responsible to protest and prosperous chess in Mongolia


Phone: +976 99490135


9am – 6 pm  (Mon – Fri)

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Your kindness will support us to expand our doors and assure the viability of this new institutional, recreational, and civic foundation. With your support, the Mongol Chess Center will provide regularly scheduled chess guidance and practice for players of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels, simultaneously with a full calendar of Open tournaments.

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