What is Buying an Apartment Like in Mongolia

Buying an apartment is a big decision. Wherever you buy an apartment, it is crucial that you do some research beforehand. Mongolia is a place with quite a big land area and few populations. Most of the provinces and cities are underdeveloped except the capital city, Ulaanbaatar. Ulaanbaatar is the most populated city in Mongolia as almost half of the population lives there solely. Therefore, it is quite developed, like the apartments, parks, and shopping malls are usually the best ones in the country. But the downside is that it has an alarming level of air pollution, traffic jams, infrastructure, and so on.

Overall, it really depends on what type of environment or lifestyle people have in mind. When some people are city person, who can bear the stress of extreme traffic jam, long queues, packed coffee shops and so on, then they can buy an apartment there. However, if someone loves a quiet, peaceful, and healthy environment, then they should go to the rural areas. It is cheaper and easier to find an apartment or house in rural areas than in UB.

Why location is important? 

When buying an apartment, people must consider the time and distance from work or school. Since the road is usually jammed seven days a week, they would want to buy an apartment close to the job/school or their children’s kindergarten/school unless they’re an early bird. In that way, they can easily walk or ride a bike to your destinations as it is also good for your health. 

People usually want to buy an apartment in the “A region” which means the city center. When you get an apartment in the center, you will probably have access to every necessity you will have. The disadvantage is probably the too much traffic including both people and cars. On the other hand, sometimes it is a better idea to get an apartment in the outskirts. There have been so many good developments on the edge of the city including apartments and service centers. The nice thing about purchasing an apartment there is its less traffic and little cleaner air. But we do not know how long would that last. 

Is it pricey? 

The price of the apartments usually varies depending on the location, but they do not differ too much. Overall, apartments built in a good location in the city tend to be expensive. Most Mongolians get a loan to purchase, which is a good idea. Loans are accessible and the interest rate is not too much.

Some families get loans for buying furniture such as fold out beds, cars, and personal expenses. It is calculated based on how much they make and how much they contributed to their pension fund.

Real estate agents 

If a person can not find a good deal that meets his or her criteria, there are several good real estate agents to help. For example, ReMax is a long-established real estate agent with franchise companies in more than a hundred countries, and the agents are usually professional and experienced. There is also a “Century 21” real estate agent that offers deals from one of the best locations and for a great price.

When it comes to buying an apartment, Mongolian people usually choose based on the surrounding location, traffic jams, air pollution, and so on. Plus, a cheap apartment doesn’t mean it’s a great opportunity. When it comes to real estate, you get what you invest in.

Mongolian Yurt Decoration

If you have not visited Mongolia, then you should start making your plans to visit the eternal land of the blue Sky some day. Mongolia is one of the countries that have the most amount of sun with untouched pristine nature in most parts of the country.

During your travels and journey here, you are most likely going to meet Mongolian nomads and experience the life that they live for a few days. From herding animals, to making dishes, and simply living, there are many things that you will learn.

In this article, we will be talking about the interior design and decoration of Mongolian nomads and Mongolian families. There are 3 general styles and interior decoration depending on what kind of background they have and their generation, but this article specifically will talk about the nomads.

Mongolian Yurt Decoration

Nomads who live in yurts have minimal to very little decoration pieces. Mongolians have been minimalist and practical group of people for many centuries and nomads to this day still live a very minimalist lifestyle. Because nomads out in the countryside often move from one place to another, furniture pieces and decoration is limited to a few things.

You have what is called Avdar. An Avdar is a chest that is decorated and painted in a manner that signifies their heritage and background. Usually the colors are a mix of red orange and brown, but it can be different depending on the family.

The avdar holds most of the families valuable belongings and possessions.

Then you have what is called Shkaf or Shuigee, which is a like a bookshelf where they store books, or display family pictures etc.

The yurt itself can be decorated with colorful rugs, mats, and canvas along the walls, but it depends on how serious some families are when it comes to interior decoration. Some nomads prefer to keep it clean without additional accessories.

Beside the Avdar and Shuigee, Mongolian nomads have the other essentials such as a bed, a stove in the middle, a small solar powered TV or a refrigerator, some stools and a small table.

As mentioned, Mongolian nomads are very practical and minimalist people without the need for modern day luxuries and specialized furniture pieces like standing desk stools etc: https://officehomeideas.com/

Make 2021 a Year to Travel to Mongolia

Mongolia is currently on lockdown, but once the borders open up, it should be the year to travel the land of the blue sky. There are plenty of beautiful sights to see and explore and it will be a memory of a life time.

We at Mongol Chess run not only a chess training championship, but our students go on a holiday retreat every year for a week out in nature to practice our skills and improve. We invite other chess enthusiasts and players to join us on our trip and share with our students.

However, you may need to prepare your trip to make your stay as enjoyable as possible. Mongolia is sparsely populated and one of the least densely populated countries in the world. Without a guide and someone who knows where they are going, it is easy to get lost in the vast open steppe of Mongolia.

Contact us for more information and how you can take part.

Excursion Preparations

You need a tent, food, GPS and other materials to make your excursion in the countryside pleasant and enjoyable.

The weather can shift from hot to cold, to rainy, and snowy even within a day, as Mongolia has extreme climate that can shift from one pole to the other. Make sure to bring clothes that are warm, but also other clothes that can be worn when it is cold, warm, wet, etc. You will need it!

Besides that camping gear such as a flashlight, a tent, and chargers etc are recommended. Here is a good site to recommendations for tents, outdoor hiking materials, tools. Try this evatac flashlight and maybe get it for free.

While we prepare most of the trip, you still need to make your own preparations to make it as comfortable as possible.

The roads are bumpy and not a smooth ride, so we hope that you have an open mind for the journey ahead. It’s best suited for people who are looking to get away from the ordinary and get lost in nature to marvel the beauty of the world. You have so many sceneries and places that you can visit.

In exchange we hope that you can share about your culture and language with our students and make a memorable experience for our students. There is much to learn and also to teach.

Getting A Visa

Getting a visa to Mongolia depends on your country of citizenship. Most Western Countries have the ability to travel in Mongolia for 30 days without any restrictions, but remember to register at the immigration office otherwise you will be fined when you try to leave.

For more information of visa to Mongolia read here.

Why Young Men Should Travel The World

We teach our students and members to always travel. While Chess is a sport that does help the brain, traveling also can open one to many experiences that are life-changing.

Though we try to travel as much as possible within our chess club, opt to consider traveling by yourself for the following reasons below.

You are a lot more creative

Whether it is paint, music, taking pictures, videos, it depends on your personality, however if you permit it to guide you as well as follow where your imagination is calling you, you could simply think of a new work of art.

One of the initial things you will certainly observe when you travel for the first time is that it frees you up for even more imagination or means of idea that you have obtained used to. In an absolutely new and also various atmosphere, you may recognize that you have unexplained power and also vigour to do something.

Learning various point of views

When you are embeded the very same environment for a long time as well as do the very same points over and over once again, you limit on your own from finding out new things and also in a way time goes quicker, due to the fact that you are not discovering new things whatsoever.

It could be as little as preparing a dish or as large as having your whole idea pattern changed and altered. This is extra usual if you visit nations as well as societies that are distinctly really various from yours.

However, when you take a trip, there are so many brand-new things you require to find out as well as there are differing opinions of method believed that’s various from where you are from. If you are open to other people’s recommends and means of thought, you will certainly discover lots of new things that will certainly be useful as well as helpful for you.

Discover just how to be clever

When you get on the roadway, it’s various. You are enabling your environments to instruct you something new and you learn to in fact make points happen by yourself. You no longer remain in your comfort area where you can be silent and also not do anything, as well as in particular circumstances, you will have to do things that call for nerve.

Usually, the majority of our lives are prepared by somebody else or by culture. We are informed by other people to get excellent grades to head to good schools as well as obtain a good job to be satisfied. As soon as that is done you are informed to obtain a family as if life is all about obtaining something or compeling points to occur due to the fact that you have actually been informed to do so by other people.

You discover just how to adapt to your environments as well as become much more resourceful.

Self-reflection and clarity

When you pass by yourself; it offers time as well as space to think about your life with more quality. There is no person else to tell you to have to believe, exactly how to live, how to be, so for the first time in your life, you are in fact free to be that you intend to be.

That means considering yourself a lot more introspectively as well as realizing several of your toughness, weaknesses, your past, and also where you are heading in the future. You should bring a journal with you as well as make a note of whatever thoughts that come to your mind if you really wish to discover even more about yourself.

Organisation and also job opportunities

If you have actually been thinking of a company concept or a different occupation, paying attention to and befriending people from various profession could provide you the insight also the possibilities you require to construct a business or operate in a field that you have actually always dreamed of.

You never understand that you could come across. People who have ample wide range as well as loan do in fact like to take a trip, so if you are open to fulfilling new people you could just come across people that cool jobs and intriguing occupations.

Healthy for the brain and also emotions

It’s not a surprise. Travelling makes you better as well as feel as if though you are much more to life. It can obtain addicting after your initial experience.

As long as you are open to satisfying brand-new people and also brand-new experiences, you will certainly have lots of opportunities to uplift your spirits. Specific research studies have actually shown that travelling commonly causes reduced anxiety and also a healthier body.

Volunteer and Work Opportunities in Mongolia

Although Mongolia is not a destination most people would choose to work at, there are still many people who are enchanted by the countryside and the way of life that they give up their old life to live a simpler life here in Mongolia.

Check out this website for more info: https://ubctours.tumblr.com/post/187286594680/working-in-mongolia

Here are some common jobs foreigners come for work

  • Teaching English and other languages popular in Mongolia
  • Interpreter or Translator for individuals
  • Volunteering for developing underdeveloped regions in Mongolia
  • Investing in businesses

History of Chess

The wheat grain legend

The legend of wheat grain comes from ancient Arabic sources. Afterwards, the wise Brahame Sissa invented the game of chess for his Indian King Sheram. The game was to show that in his kingdom the king and his people (peasants and figures) form a unity. The king was pleased to accept the game and offered the vizier to choose his reward. The wish of the Brahman seemed modest: on the first field of the chess board a grain of wheat, on the second two, on the third four, on the fourth eight, etc. So on each field always twice the number of grains of the previous field. The king was almost indignant at the seemingly modest reward, but he let the sage do so. When the officials and counselors of the farm had calculated after many hours the sum of wheat grains on all 64 fields, she had to realize with alarm that so much wheat was not to be found. The sum of wheat grains was: 18,446,744,073,709,551,615 (18 trillion, 446 quadrillion, 744 trillion, 73 billion, 709 million, 551 thousand, 615). A freight train with all grains, with 80 km / h, d. H. With two wagons per second past us, each loaded with 20 tons of wheat, it would take 730 years!

Origin of the game

The chess game emerges towards the end of the sixth century as Tschaturanga in Sanskrit literature. It was only relatively recently confirmed during excavations in Afrasiab that both parties had chariots, elephants, riders and foot soldiers at their disposal when seven chess pieces were brought to light there. The game was preparing for Asia before it probably reached Persia in the Arabic-Isamlian area in the late eighth century. On the sixty-four fields, as Shatrandsch and Shantranj, stood the figures still known today: “shah” (pronounced: shaa or chess) (king), “fers” (queen), “rukh” (turret), “fil” (Runner) and “faras” jumper. However, they moved differently and the Matt (Arabic: mat – dead) was not considered a single success. The importance of the game for the mathematically interested Arabs can be measured by the fact that players were classified according to (game) classes. Al-Adli was the only “player of the highest class” in 842 AD, as the English Orientalist, chess historian and mathematics teacher Harold James Murray proved. Already 200 years later the chess game was known in Germany. In a romance of chivalry the ambassador of a victorious king brings the claims of his master to the inferior king. As the king pauses for a night of deliberation, the ambassador spends his time playing chess with the courtiers, and later with the king, and no one is able to beat him. This story should be based on a real story. The envoy would then have learned the game of chess from the Moors (Arabs in Spain). The rules of the game did not correspond to today’s, but already had a certain similarity. Likewise at that time were varieties such as matte combinations, Hilfsmattstellungen u.ä. known.

The Game of the Queen and the King is one of the oldest board games we know. It is believed to have originated in China or Persia, sometime between the 3rd and 6th centuries. There were some versions, from which then today’s chess emerged. It is certain that there were chess games around 600 in Persia and spread from there in the 7th century in the Arab world. Soon it also reached Spain via Europe, where it enjoyed great popularity. This went so far that in the 11th century a knight had to play as good a chess as being a soldier.

However, the rules have changed again and again in the first few centuries, and chess as we know it today has been set in this form sometime in the 15th century. Interestingly, there was an alternate leadership of nations in chess. While Italy and Spain were strong at the beginning, they were soon replaced by France and later by Germany and Ungar, while in the 20th century, Russia was the country with the best chess players.

since the 19th century, chess is also played as a tournament. Players like Garry Kasparov have been making chess grandmaster football around the world since the 1970s. One of the outstanding but also dazzling figures was Bobby Fischer, whose games against Russian chess grandmasters were also politically exploited – in times of the Cold War.

The IBM computer Deep Blue, who was the first computer to win a chess game, caused a sensation. However, this did not mean the end of the game, but brought forth a variety of chess computers that made the game even more popular.

For a long time popular was correspondence chess, in which the players sent their next move by letter. Of course that took time.

These are countries you should travel! If you want more historical destinations we will add to our blog for sure.

Why Mongolia Needs Open Thinkers and to Travel

Since the founding of Mongolia in 1206, Mongolia has been a country that practiced tolerance for other religions, set of beliefs, and encouraged their people to think freely.

However, due to Socialism since the 1940s, in some ways Mongolia has become closed off to freely thinking for themselves and being creative. During Socialism you were expected to fit and be like everybody else.

Even to this day the effects are still there among the masses of the older generation of people. The younger kids are starting to have a different mindset due to introduction of capitalism, but the older generation is in power and in some ways affects the development of the youth.

Playing Chess

One great way to expand your mind and the understanding of life to a certain extent is playing chess. Chess is about planning your moves, making sacrifices and thinking strategically for what you should do next. Which is similar to life.

If you want to be successful in life you need to be creative, strategic, and smart. So playing chess has other benefits of making your life better.

Though video games, and mobile games are becoming more popular I think as long as people play creative games that challenge ones brain is important. They are not necessarily a bad tool, but it just depends on how it is used.

Traveling The World

One of the things we encourage our students is to travel the world. When we have time we take them to different countries for competitions or just field trips.

It is always amazing to see young children looking at everything with such astonishment and excitement.

In fact, one of my former students started a blog website dedicated to travel: https://bestorgtravelling.wordpress.com/

I am happy to know that some are taking time to develop themselves and share things with the world.

For the world needs free and creative thinkers who can express themselves. Chess is on of the ways that help people open up their minds, and also a gateway to other activities that may benefit them in the long run.

Chess and Mongolian minds!

Concept about Mongolian Chess

A great game of chess. There is only one person when playing. When people are playing the chess, they only produce the essence of their real character. To play chess is a must mind. Folks do not play chess. People who are light-hearted and far away from chess. So the chess is a very powerful tool for checking human intellect. It will also develop the heart of the heart. Those who play well will feel impressed with intelligence and good IQ. They have developed their minds by playing chess. He was also quite impressed with the chess as a kid.

The chess is sport, science, and intellectual gaming. All the positions on the chessboard are 120-digit numbers. But the chess is a game solution. Therefore, the chess moves may be included in the computer, and the versions can be upgraded from year to year and may have a computer without losing weight. The winner of computer world champion, G.Karvarov, is now unable to imagine the preparation of chess.

Where did the chariot come from? It was born in the middle of the people who cherish the mind. The chess was unexpected, and a few days before, the chess was created and the chess was always the perfect solution to the chess, which was impossible to create chess. Ch.Erdene’s greatness in this regard was made in the “Great Triangle”. He argues from a distance that he has “created a chess system that is not created in the chess industry in India but has been used only in Mongolia for the present” historical complexity of a game system. The chess is the chess with the national term, but only the national term. A long-term field trip to H.Darambazar, a home-grown man with valuable materials for his or her home-building. Chatar originated from Mongolia and spread through Maya, Harappa and Church culture, immersed into India, and spread through Arabia through Europe.
The fact that the game is true, the game is true, the problem is whether it is a national game or not. In any case, the chess is the Mongol game of our nation. That’s all. Today, T.Tumen-Ulzii, the game, has a variety of chess collections from many countries. He has been exhibiting Mongolian chess in more than 50 countries, and he said, “The Shatr was not exactly like the Mongols who know almost all Mongolians”. What does this document mean? It means that there is a foundation for chess in Mongolia …. There were chess in almost every family in Mongolia. There were many scenarios when I was there. Now Mongolians have a longing to forget this big intellectual foundation, … it’s bad.
Chess is friendly to Mongolia. Mongolians are in a hurry. Chess requires the mind. Mindfulness is a unique human being, but everyone does not. There are people and ethnic groups that are influenced by the environment and are largely absent from the intellectual loads. Mongolians are not. Mongolians have long been interested in their minds. The big brain, the intellectual ability, is an impetus. Our chess enthusiasts, however, were trying to challenge their intellectual powers with world adults. T.Yurumi played with R. Fischer. If the Yehtür preparations at world level would have Fisk made. Fisher is a far-flung, well-known champion of the 20th century … a recognized and acclaimed champion in the chess history.
World chess champion is really big. Only one person, … the competition does not rule out, … the effect of the side judge, the difference between weight, and the collected points. No matter what feast. No thousands of spectators. There are other footballers who like to play sports, and so are the chess viewers, who are interested in the sport of intelligence, who are interested in the intellectually-minded people, who enjoy watching the football audience except for the chess world championship. There are just a few who sit in front of the chessboard, who are chasing before them, and … laughing at the minds of intelligent people. Our Silverlight is on the verge of chess in the world. There are many girls and boys in Mongolia. So far Mongols are not in the ranks of chess world champion.
Why are African-American athletes still making great success in the Olympic runners jump? There are many reasons, one of them: their brain is less than 102 grams less than ours, less than brain less, … but our feet are shorter than theirs. Large bones are needed to protect the big brain, for instance, the Mongolian head is large, so long-headed black heads with big headless short-cut yellow people will not overtake. One cargo, a small tire, and a light weight. big wheels. This may be based on the fact that chess in Mongolia is larger than the brains.