If you have not visited Mongolia, then you should start making your plans to visit the eternal land of the blue Sky some day. Mongolia is one of the countries that have the most amount of sun with untouched pristine nature in most parts of the country.

During your travels and journey here, you are most likely going to meet Mongolian nomads and experience the life that they live for a few days. From herding animals, to making dishes, and simply living, there are many things that you will learn.

In this article, we will be talking about the interior design and decoration of Mongolian nomads and Mongolian families. There are 3 general styles and interior decoration depending on what kind of background they have and their generation, but this article specifically will talk about the nomads.

Mongolian Yurt Decoration

Nomads who live in yurts have minimal to very little decoration pieces. Mongolians have been minimalist and practical group of people for many centuries and nomads to this day still live a very minimalist lifestyle. Because nomads out in the countryside often move from one place to another, furniture pieces and decoration is limited to a few things.

You have what is called Avdar. An Avdar is a chest that is decorated and painted in a manner that signifies their heritage and background. Usually the colors are a mix of red orange and brown, but it can be different depending on the family.

The avdar holds most of the families valuable belongings and possessions.

Then you have what is called Shkaf or Shuigee, which is a like a bookshelf where they store books, or display family pictures etc.

The yurt itself can be decorated with colorful rugs, mats, and canvas along the walls, but it depends on how serious some families are when it comes to interior decoration. Some nomads prefer to keep it clean without additional accessories.

Beside the Avdar and Shuigee, Mongolian nomads have the other essentials such as a bed, a stove in the middle, a small solar powered TV or a refrigerator, some stools and a small table.

As mentioned, Mongolian nomads are very practical and minimalist people without the need for modern day luxuries and specialized furniture pieces like standing desk stools etc: https://officehomeideas.com/