Volunteer and Work Opportunities in Mongolia

Although Mongolia is not a destination most people would choose to work at, there are still many people who are enchanted by the countryside and the way of life that they give up their old life to live a simpler life here in Mongolia. Check out this website for more info: https://ubctours.tumblr.com/post/187286594680/working-in-mongolia Here are some […]

History of Chess

The wheat grain legend The legend of wheat grain comes from ancient Arabic sources. Afterwards, the wise Brahame Sissa invented the game of chess for his Indian King Sheram. The game was to show that in his kingdom the king and his people (peasants and figures) form a unity. The king was pleased to accept […]

Why Mongolia Needs Open Thinkers and to Travel

Since the founding of Mongolia in 1206, Mongolia has been a country that practiced tolerance for other religions, set of beliefs, and encouraged their people to think freely. However, due to Socialism since the 1940s, in some ways Mongolia has become closed off to freely thinking for themselves and being creative. During Socialism you were […]