Since the founding of Mongolia in 1206, Mongolia has been a country that practiced tolerance for other religions, set of beliefs, and encouraged their people to think freely.

However, due to Socialism since the 1940s, in some ways Mongolia has become closed off to freely thinking for themselves and being creative. During Socialism you were expected to fit and be like everybody else.

Even to this day the effects are still there among the masses of the older generation of people. The younger kids are starting to have a different mindset due to introduction of capitalism, but the older generation is in power and in some ways affects the development of the youth.

Playing Chess

One great way to expand your mind and the understanding of life to a certain extent is playing chess. Chess is about planning your moves, making sacrifices and thinking strategically for what you should do next. Which is similar to life.

If you want to be successful in life you need to be creative, strategic, and smart. So playing chess has other benefits of making your life better.

Though video games, and mobile games are becoming more popular I think as long as people play creative games that challenge ones brain is important. They are not necessarily a bad tool, but it just depends on how it is used.

Traveling The World

One of the things we encourage our students is to travel the world. When we have time we take them to different countries for competitions or just field trips.

It is always amazing to see young children looking at everything with such astonishment and excitement.

In fact, one of my former students started a blog website dedicated to travel:

I am happy to know that some are taking time to develop themselves and share things with the world.

For the world needs free and creative thinkers who can express themselves. Chess is on of the ways that help people open up their minds, and also a gateway to other activities that may benefit them in the long run.