Concept about Mongolian Chess

A great game of chess. There is only one person when playing. When people are playing the chess, they only produce the essence of their real character. To play chess is a must mind. Folks do not play chess. People who are light-hearted and far away from chess. So the chess is a very powerful tool for checking human intellect. It will also develop the heart of the heart. Those who play well will feel impressed with intelligence and good IQ. They have developed their minds by playing chess. He was also quite impressed with the chess as a kid.

The chess is sport, science, and intellectual gaming. All the positions on the chessboard are 120-digit numbers. But the chess is a game solution. Therefore, the chess moves may be included in the computer, and the versions can be upgraded from year to year and may have a computer without losing weight. The winner of computer world champion, G.Karvarov, is now unable to imagine the preparation of chess.

Where did the chariot come from? It was born in the middle of the people who cherish the mind. The chess was unexpected, and a few days before, the chess was created and the chess was always the perfect solution to the chess, which was impossible to create chess. Ch.Erdene’s greatness in this regard was made in the “Great Triangle”. He argues from a distance that he has “created a chess system that is not created in the chess industry in India but has been used only in Mongolia for the present” historical complexity of a game system. The chess is the chess with the national term, but only the national term. A long-term field trip to H.Darambazar, a home-grown man with valuable materials for his or her home-building. Chatar originated from Mongolia and spread through Maya, Harappa and Church culture, immersed into India, and spread through Arabia through Europe.
The fact that the game is true, the game is true, the problem is whether it is a national game or not. In any case, the chess is the Mongol game of our nation. That’s all. Today, T.Tumen-Ulzii, the game, has a variety of chess collections from many countries. He has been exhibiting Mongolian chess in more than 50 countries, and he said, “The Shatr was not exactly like the Mongols who know almost all Mongolians”. What does this document mean? It means that there is a foundation for chess in Mongolia …. There were chess in almost every family in Mongolia. There were many scenarios when I was there. Now Mongolians have a longing to forget this big intellectual foundation, … it’s bad.
Chess is friendly to Mongolia. Mongolians are in a hurry. Chess requires the mind. Mindfulness is a unique human being, but everyone does not. There are people and ethnic groups that are influenced by the environment and are largely absent from the intellectual loads. Mongolians are not. Mongolians have long been interested in their minds. The big brain, the intellectual ability, is an impetus. Our chess enthusiasts, however, were trying to challenge their intellectual powers with world adults. T.Yurumi played with R. Fischer. If the Yeht├╝r preparations at world level would have Fisk made. Fisher is a far-flung, well-known champion of the 20th century … a recognized and acclaimed champion in the chess history.
World chess champion is really big. Only one person, … the competition does not rule out, … the effect of the side judge, the difference between weight, and the collected points. No matter what feast. No thousands of spectators. There are other footballers who like to play sports, and so are the chess viewers, who are interested in the sport of intelligence, who are interested in the intellectually-minded people, who enjoy watching the football audience except for the chess world championship. There are just a few who sit in front of the chessboard, who are chasing before them, and … laughing at the minds of intelligent people. Our Silverlight is on the verge of chess in the world. There are many girls and boys in Mongolia. So far Mongols are not in the ranks of chess world champion.
Why are African-American athletes still making great success in the Olympic runners jump? There are many reasons, one of them: their brain is less than 102 grams less than ours, less than brain less, … but our feet are shorter than theirs. Large bones are needed to protect the big brain, for instance, the Mongolian head is large, so long-headed black heads with big headless short-cut yellow people will not overtake. One cargo, a small tire, and a light weight. big wheels. This may be based on the fact that chess in Mongolia is larger than the brains.

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